THE BRONX - An Allerton woman deployed a surveillance system around her house to try and rid the neighborhood's sidewalks of dog droppings.

Carole Bailey says many dog owners in the area ignore pooper-scooper rules and common decency.

She spent $2,500 on a surveillance camera system she placed outside her house to try and catch people leaving without cleaning up their dog's leavings. She says she watches her cameras and confronts people who try to depart without taking care of the mess.

State law requires pet owners to clean up after their dogs, and the fine for failing to do so is $250. But the Department of Sanitation says many times people walk their dogs without carrying any identification, rendering enforcement agents unable to issue summonses.

In 2015, just four summonses for violating the pooper-scooper law were issued within the confines of Bronx Community Board 11. This year, there have been six to date.