BROOKLYN - Schweiger Dermatology in Carroll Gardens is offering free skin screenings and providing tips to protect your skin from the sun's rays.

Emily McCue has been getting full-body skin checks for the past several years. She says doctors found a pre-cancerous lesion on her father's cheek about five years ago, so she is not taking any chances.

Experts say to prevent skin cancer, people should stay out of the sun and away from tanning salons.  If you must be outdoors, wear sunscreen and make sure to reapply it every two hours.  It's also important to go to a dermatologist for an annual screening.

Symptoms of skin cancer include a change in skin color, having a sore throat that doesn't heal or a new spot or mole that has grown on the skin.

Schweiger Dermatology will offer its last day of free screenings this Thursday. Anyone can go by calling and making an appointment.