THE BRONX - A woman in the Bronx is heartbroken after her pet parrot Cuca was stolen. The alleged thief is now behind bars.

Ana Mante says she was robbed of her beloved pet at gunpoint by Darryl Walker. The parrot snatching was caught on the NYPD Video Interactive Patrol Enhancement Response camera system.

It shows the 67-year-old woman getting off the elevator and Walker following behind. Mante says Walker motioned that he had a gun and then grabbed the bird cage right out of her hand, running off with her pet bird.

Walker was later caught. Mante was hoping to be reunited with Cuca who she has had for four years; however police say the 53-year-old sold it. She's pleading that whoever has her beloved pet to hand it over to police.

Anyone with information on the stolen bird is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS