THE BRONX - The Bronx District Attorney's Office dropped all charges Wednesday against the Bronx man accused of killing a man who tried to rape his wife.

Prosecutors read a letter written by family members of the victim, Earl Nash, in which they asked the court to dismiss all charges against Mamadou Diallo, 61.

Nash's parents said their son had mental problems and abused drugs. They argued that prosecuting Diallo would cause more pain for both families.

Prosecutors initially charged Diallo with manslaughter in May after he admitted to fatally beating Nash with a tire-iron. He said Nash broke into his apartment and attempted to sexually assault his wife. Surveillance video recorded much of the incident, and prosecutors later reduced the charge to assault.

"Some people tell me I'm a killer," Diallo said Wednesday. "It's hard for me. I did nothing wrong."

Diallo said he is looking forward to returning to work as a livery cab driver.