THE BRONX - A group of childhood friends rallied around the memory of a fallen soldier in order to get his name on Van Nest's Vietnam memorial.

Peter Wiesneifski died at the age of 20 during combat in South Vietnam on Feb. 26, 1970. This past Memorial Day, resident Al Farago noticed the absence of his friend's name on the tribute.

After noticing Wiesneifski?s name was missing from the memorial, Farago met with old friends and got together all the necessary paperwork to add the name.

The granite tower was erected by the Van Nest Citizens' Patriotic League in 1926 to honor young men from the neighborhood who died in World War I. Tributes to fallen soldiers from World War II, Korea and Vietnam have been added over the years.

The Parks Commission says all appropriate paperwork has been filed and the request is currently being reviewed.