WAKEFIELD - A new children's psychiatric center is set to open in Wakefield, but residents are concerned about the center's proximity to a homeless men's shelter that critics say needs to close.

Montefiore is set to open the psychiatric center at Bronx Boulevard and Nereid Avenue, just a few hundred feet away from the Project Renewal Homeless Shelter.

Police responded to over 300 calls in the first 12 weeks of the shelter's opening last year, according to the Department of Homeless Services.

Authorities also say Ana Charle, former CEO of the shelter, was murdered by a former client after she left work in April.

Some neighbors believe the homeless shelter should close before the children's psychiatric center opens. They say the two can't exist together because children could potentially face danger.

A spokesperson for Montefiore says the center will provide options for more Bronx children and their parents. The hospital plans to have a security guard at the front desk.