THE BRONX - A Bronx church was struggling to recover from Superstorm Sandy, and after this harsh winter it is in even worse shape.

The Green Pasture Baptist Church was damaged in the superstorm back in October of 2012. Rev. Roger Lee Hambrick says the church's insurance did not cover natural disasters, and they were past the deadline to apply for help from FEMA. They had to resort to trying to repair the building on their own.

But, with more and more snow hitting the area, the roof is in danger of collapsing.

Rev. Hambrick took to YouTube recently with a 13-minute tour of the church, and pleaded to the community to help them so they could continue their food and clothing drives for Bronx residents.

The reverend says they have gotten $10,000 so far, but it is not nearly enough to get started. He says that they'll need between $30,000-$40,000 just for a down payment to get the work started.

Until that number is reached, and with another snowstorm slated to hit the area, all the reverend can do now is hope, pray and ask for help.