THE BRONX - Leaders of the Calvary United Methodist Church in Morris Heights are asking for help from the public help after they say their church van was stolen. 

They believe the incident happened sometime on Friday evening in the church parking lot, which is locked up every night.

The church says it doesn't believe anyone from the congregation took the van, which is used to pick up Bronx residents for services across the borough. 

The Rev. Wesley Daniel can't believe someone would do such a thing. "The person is absolutely heartless and reckless. The van was on private property, it was not on the street. It was not left unlocked. They obviously broke into it and stole it, and that just shows that people care little or nothing for people's property around here," says Rev. Daniel.

Anyone with information about the missing van is asked to call  Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.