THE BRONX - Some eligible Bronx families won?t have to wring their hands over oil costs this winter thanks to an oil donation program.

The CITGO-Venezuelan program, which is in its third year, will provide eligible Bronx families with a delivery of 100 gallons of heating oil. Some say the program is simply a way for the controversial Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, to gain attention. However, most are just happy for the help.

?We have heat,? Vanessa Jalil, a Bronx resident and mother of three, said. ?We don?t have to worry about sleeping with sweaters or trying to warm up with candles.?

The program started in the Bronx but has expanded, donating more than $100 million worth of fuel to the neediest families in 23 states across the country. The CITGO-Venezuelan plan also donated oil to homeless shelters.