NEW YORK - The city comptroller is warning of possible safety problems associated with Mayor Bill de Blasio's signature initiative to provide universal pre-Kindergarten. 

According to city Comptroller Scott Stringer, de Blasio's office is far behind in submitting contracts with school providers. He says more than 70 percent of pre-K contracts have yet to reach the Department of Education, which means he can't conduct necessary safety checks on any of those locations.  

Stringer broke down the numbers even more, saying that only 141 of more than 500 contracts have been submitted to his office, even though school starts in just seven days for 50,000 students taking part in the expanded pre-K program. 

However, the mayor is assuring parents that they have nothing to worry about. He says every classroom will be inspected in time for the first day of school, which is Sept. 4.