THE BRONX - With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, the City Council is once again warning parents to watch out for stores selling apparel with gang symbolism.

According to police, the borough has seen a significant increase in gang activity over the past year. The City Council is blaming that increase on clothing stores that sell apparel with gang symbols. Police say the clothing glamorizes a gang lifestyle.

Investigators also found that the clothing items with the symbols on them were sold at higher prices.

The City Council says New Era, the clothing company that produces hats for Major League Baseball, is targeting the youth community by selling clothing with gang symbols. The City Council held a hearing with the company last December about the apparel, but council members say the clothing is still being sold. Council members are now looking into whether they can go after some companies legally.

Investigators say it is not possible to stop stores from selling the clothing.

Police urge parents and schools to educate themselves on how to identify the symbols. Investigators say they are planning another meeting with MLB and New Era in November.