THE BRONX - Local leaders are hosting signup sessions for affordable health care so Bronx residents can get covered before the deadline.

Deryl Robinson, 24, is one Bronx resident who believes it is extremely important to be insured. He says that no matter what age you are and how much you make, there are plans to fit your budget, so there is no excuse for not signing up.

City Council Member Andy King is hosting the session at the Williamsbridge NAACP Center to encourage young people ages 18 to 25 to get insured. He says that is an age group that is not usually concerned with health insurance.

There are low-cost plans available under the Affordable Care Act, all of which cover 10 essential benefits such as emergency services, maternity care and hospitalization.

"Health care is the most important thing that people can have," King says. "If you don't have your health, you do not have anything else."

The last day to sign up is March 31. Anyone who is not insured will face an annual penalty.