NEW YORK - (AP) - The embattled New York City Board of Electionshas fired its executive director a week before Election Day.

The board's commissioners voted to fire George Gonzalez at ameeting Tuesday. Board spokeswoman Valerie Vazquez says a deputyexecutive director and an administrative manager will handle hisresponsibilities until a replacement is selected.

Gonzalez oversaw a September primary plagued with problemssurrounding new automated voting machines that resemble ATMs andreplaced an old mechanical lever system.

Board members testified at a City Council hearing some pollingsites opened late on primary day and thousands of poll workersweren't trained.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg called the board's performance a "royalscrew-up."

Gonzalez said at the hearing officials were trying to figure outhow to make the Nov. 2 election go more smoothly, includingretraining coordinators who oversee polling sites.