NEW YORK - (AP) - New York City is expanding its same-sex marriageplans for Sunday so all 823 couples who entered the city's nuptiallottery will have the chance to wed the first day gay marriage islegal.

Officials instituted the lottery after projecting that about2,500 couples might show up at the city clerk's offices hoping toget married on Sunday.

Mayor's spokesman Marc LaVorgna said that when the 48-hourlottery closed Thursday, 823 couples had signed up - about 60 morethan the city had planned to accommodate.

Seventy-four couples who requested Manhattan weddings are beingasked to go to one of the other four boroughs instead.

The city says its clerk's offices will stay open until eachcouple has been served, but would-be brides and grooms must arriveby 3:45 p.m.

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