THE BRONX - Parents, students and City Council members rallied at City Hall Wednesday to demand action against overcrowding in Bronx schools.

Demonstrators at the rally said the abundance of students in the Bronx necessitates the creation of new facilities. Those who want an end to overcrowding said Bronx students are being taught in classrooms filled beyond capacity.

Representatives from a Bronx campaign called New York Schools Exploding at the Seams (SEATS) distributed surveys to local officials to collect information regarding the claims of overcrowding. The organization hopes to present the surveys to the Department of Education before the November deadline for Capital Plan amendments.

Protestors claim the average class size in the city is 27 students per room, while the state average is only 20.

?They?re teaching in closets, hallways?some schools were built over 100 years ago,? said Councilman G. Oliver Koppell (D-Bronx).

The Department of Education said it is ?aggressively moving ahead with plans? to address the situation.