CITY HALL - City officials held an emergency public hearing at City Hall Monday to address school health concerns.

Elected officials addressed the presence of PCBs, dangerous chemicals that were banned nearly 30 years ago, in some of the city's schools. The chemicals can be found in caulking and insulation materials made before the ban.

City leaders also want the state to pass legislation requiring environmental reviews of leased school construction sites, such as former factories. Current laws only require reviews for land already owned by the city.

Some city council members said the Department of Education isn't willing to cooperate.

"They would prefer to have a situation where PCBs are being released into the environment than to actually find out information that would lead them to do a costly cleanup," said Councilman James F. Gennaro (D-Queens). Toxic chemicals were found in three Bronx public schools several weeks ago. City leaders urged parents to call 311 - if they have any specific concerns about their child's school.

Monday's meeting coincided with National Healthy Schools Day.

Report: Toxins found in Bronx and city schools