THE BRONX - Veterans groups from across the Bronx came together Monday for City Island's annual Memorial Day parade. 

Organizers said the parade has been an annual tradition on City Island since at least World War II and that it's a great way to honor those who have passed, and those who continue to serve the country. Participants of the event laid wreathes down at the cemetery before gathering at the City Island American Legion for Veterans. 

"We're here especially for the ones that did not make it," said Betty Carman, one of the organizers of the parade. "So many of our soldiers gave the biggest sacrifice: their life. So we're honoring them and we're also honoring those who are serving." 

Some people came to the event to honor members of their family who have fought for our country. 

"Personally to me, I'm honoring my dad and my grandfather for their service to the country, as well as all those that have served," said Robert Stokes.