THE BRONX - After widespread criticism of the city's response to last year's snowstorms, the city reviewed its snow preparedness today ahead of the winter season. The departments of sanitation and public safety presented their preparedness plans to the City Council. Their plans aim to avoid situations like last year, when some roadways weren't cleared for days and buses and ambulances couldn't get through.

This year, the Department of Sanitation says it has improved communication to have real-time data on which streets have been plowed and which have not. Also among the new plans is a policy for the FDNY to deploy a tow truck task force to clear snowy streets for emergency vehicles. The MTA also says it will list priority spots for salting and plowing so buses will be less likely to get stuck. The Bronx will have 504 plow blades, 271 plowable trucks and 63 large spreaders to blast away the snow.

Department of Sanitation Snow Plans