THE BRONX - Claremont Neighborhood Center has been serving the Bronx for more than 60 years, and the center offers a class specifically designed for young fathers. 

"On the one hand, they're teenagers. They want to be out doing things that teenagers do," says Abraham Jones, executive director of the center. "But on the other hand, they're a father, and they have a real responsibility to the children they brought into this world."

The program teaches young men about responsibility and helps them find jobs, finish school and even manage their relationships with their childrens’ mothers. They also can give guidance on custody and visitation.

William Branch is one of the center's success stories.

He splits visitation with his daughter's mom, is finishing school and getting ready to start a job as a mentor for other young father’s with the city's Administration for Children's Services, which funds the center.

"Now I can take on the role of changing their lives and making a difference in theirs by sharing my story," he says.