MORRISANIA - A credit-fixing scandal at the low-performing Jane Addams High School may prevent the class of 2012 from getting its diplomas next year as the Department of Education weighs the school's future. 

Officials say more than half of the school's current senior class allegedly got credits for classes they never took.

The Department of Education has been investigating the school and its principal, Sharron Smalls, after receiving anonymous reports about Smalls and the school's staff.

It has been alleged that 10th-grade students received geography credits for taking classes in tourism, 11th-grade students got economics credits for a hospital management class, and 12th-grade students were given government credits for taking a law class.

Students who took classes in cosmetology also allegedly received credits for health and chemistry. Students say they are worried about what this means for their future. 

As the investigation continues, officials from the Department of Education say the high school has performed below citywide averages for years, and they're considering phasing it out altogether.