RIVERDALE - Bill Clinton hit the campaign trail in support of his wife Hillary as he spoke to the Albanian American and student communities at the College of Mount Saint Vincent on Friday.

Clinton is no stranger to the Albanian community. During his presidency in 1999, he helped the Albanians during a time of war.

"The Albanian community in Kosova looked for the world to help, and for a while it appeared that no one was going to help them," said Rep. Eliot Engel. "But there was one person that was there to help, one person who made the difference for the nation of Kosova, that was President Bill Clinton."

The Albanian community weren't the only ones excited to see the former president speak, as many students and faculty lined up to hear the speech as well.

"Look at these students here. It looks like we are convening the United Nations, and I hear your Borough President Ruben Diaz talk about this all the time, he's made the Bronx part of the future and we are headed to the future," said Clinton.

President Bill Clinton's speech was concentrated on the future. He advocated for Hillary's plans to keep the country together, saying the Bronx is the perfect example of a diverse borough moving toward that future.