THE BRONX - A carbon monoxide leak inside an apartment building in Parkchester sickened 18 residents Monday night, officials say.

According to investigators, a boiler malfunction caused a carbon monoxide leak at 1512 Leland Ave., sending tenants to the hospital with headaches and breathing problems.

"I was dizzy," says Alice Miranda. "I thought I was getting a migraine, and I [took] aspirin."

Firefighters who arrived at the scene broke down doors and ordered tenants to keep their windows open on one of the coldest nights of the year. Tenants say without heat or hot water, they have to use space heaters to keep warm and boil water to take baths.

According to information posted on the Department of Buildings Web site, four defective boiler complaints had been placed by tenants of the Parkchester building in February alone. Violations on the boiler dating back to 1998 remain active.

Calls made to Hunter Property Management, which is in charge of the building, have not been returned.

Two of the tenants are in critical condition at Jacobi Medical Center.

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