THE BRONX - Bronx residents spent the weekend getting prepared as Hermine churned offshore.

Coastal communities like Edgewater Park are the most at risk. High tides could lead to flooding in some areas, and strong winds could pose problems as well.

Mark Schoenstein, a volunteer firefighter in Edgewater Park, says it's better to be safe than sorry.

“You never know, we're right on the water, we get a lot of flooding. In case we have to take people out of their house, bring them up and shelter them,” he says.

Even though Hermine is not expected to hit the city directly, Schoenstein says based on past experiences, the situation can change very quickly.

He says he is checking engines, making sure equipment is intact and stocking up on medical supplies.

Schoenstein says it’s also very important to keep the station’s power generator up and running.

“Our first job is to help the community and if your house goes out of power, if we lose power, our generators keep our firehouse up and running, and it gives the community, the elderly people somewhere to go,” he says.