THE BRONX - The battle continues between community members and the city over the planned overhaul of the Unionport Bridge.  

Construction on the more than six-decade-old bridge is expected to begin next summer.  However, community leaders are still greatly concerned about whether or not construction will cause a traffic jam like no other.   

The bridge connects Unionport and Castle Hill to the Throgs Neck and East Tremont sections of the borough and parts north. Some say it is without a doubt one of the busiest and most congested roadways in the Bronx.  

The city is looking to invest $155 million to replace the deteriorating bridge.  The upgrades include repairs to potholes and the facade, wider traffic lanes, wider bike and pedestrian paths and improvements to the bridge's mobile lift for when nautical traffic passes through. 

William Rivera, district manager of Community Board 9, admits that construction of the Unionport Bridge is a Catch-22. He's hoping for more community input during a general board meeting on Sept. 24.