THE BRONX - Community leaders, students and elected officials, including Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., rallied Thursday in support of developers who want to turn the Kingsbridge Armory into an ice-skating center. 

Since 2013, the Kingsbridge National Ice Center has been trying to take over the space, but it says it still has not been given the lease from the city's Economic Development Corporation.

Because of that, KNIC, which is headed by former New York Ranger Mark Messier, filed a lawsuit against the city a few weeks ago. Messier also appeared at the rally.

Once the project is completed, the Armory would become the world's largest indoor ice-skating center.

KNIC claims the city is deliberately trying to delay the project by saying it has not secured funding.

The developers behind the center tell News 12 that they have a letter from state lawmakers promising the $158 million they need. They say they do not understand why the city's Economic Development Corporation is delaying the process.

Officials say the center will create jobs for Bronx residents.

KNIC officials say they have a court hearing coming up with the Economic Development Corporation. They say they hope to come to an agreement to start construction.

The city's Economic Development Corporation says it has done all it can to support the Kingsbridge project through continued legal and operational challenges. It also added that it is committed to delivering the important project to the people of the Bronx.