THE BRONX - Community members gathered Sunday to remember Sept. 11 victims at the Jacobi Medical Center.

Theresa Noel says she finds peace at the Memorial Garden of the Jacobi Medical Center after her 22-year-old son Curtis died on Sept. 11. She says he was working on the 83rd floor of Tower Two.

"Today is a day that I wish had never happened," she says. "He told me, 'Mom, we are all OK, we are just waiting to be evacuated.' I still remember those words." 

Noel says her son never returned home and that she has never been able to return to the site. She says she places a flower on the hospital’s memorial and looks over at her son’s photo. 

The hospital says it plans to continue having the ceremony every year on the Sept. 11 anniversary and that the memorial is opened to the public any time.