THE BRONX - Subway stations across the city became unbearable for some commuters as temperatures rose into the high-90s. 

Some subway riders say they feel like this summer is worse than it has been in years. 

The MTA says it has seen an increase in the number of hot cars that are being reported by passengers. 

On average it says it’s receiving between 12 and 16 complaints a day, although it adds that it operates 6,300 cars, so those complaints don't even make up 1 percent of the fleet. 

The type of cars that receive the most complaints have been the ones that run on the 1 and 6 trains, which both run through the Bronx. Those cars only have one AC unit. 

The MTA says it has added personnel at its yards to fix hot cars, but says most of repairs happen at night or on weekends so it doesn't impact rush-hour service. 

Officials say commuters should drink lots of water and wear loose clothing on the trains to combat the heat.

To report a hot subway car, you can tweet to the MTA by tagging the Twitter handle @NYCTSUBWAY.