THE BRONX - Merchants are calling on the state Department of Transportation to end a major construction project in the borough.

A contracting company and the state DOT have been reconstructing overpasses across the borough in places like Castle Hill and Throgs Neck.

While the bridges are helping the neighborhood's infrastructure, business owners say they are being crippled from making profits.

The job is not scheduled to be completed until next spring. Business owners like Jimmy Mitsios say that's too long. The reconstruction has delayed the grand opening of his new restaurant on Castle Hill Avenue.

Community Board 9 says it was able to uncover that the state DOT is using one contracting company to complete all three jobs, which it says is delaying the process.

The state DOT says the project is not only on time, but it is also on pace to be completed six months early. They say using one contractor was the most cost-effective way to complete the project.