THE BRONX - Conti's Pastry Shoppe in the Bronx celebrated its 95th birthday Tuesday.

The Conti history began when its founder, Augostino Conti, immigrated to the United States from Parma, Italy in the early 20th century.

Conti opened his bakery's doors in the Bronx on Oct. 1, 1921.

The Contis kept the bakery in the family for 80 years, eventually passing the shop's tradition and secret recipes to the shop's lead baker.

The current owners bought the bakery 14 years ago, and the goal has remained the same, provide the Bronx with quality baked goods.  

The owners of Conti's bring more than just sweet treats to the neighborhood, they are all about giving back to the community that supports them too.

Conti's even has a partnership with the New York Yankees, providing baked goods for the stadium's suites.