THE BRONX - Police say the man arrested last night for an alleged bomb plot in New York City bought some of his tools at a Home Depot in The Bronx.

According to police, 27-year-old Jose Pimentel lives in Manhattan with his mother and was planning to blow up several locations, including police stations and post offices.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said yesterday that Pimentel was not supported by a larger al-Qaida group and planned to act on his own. They say he's been on the NYPD's radar for more than two years.

Investigators say that at the time of his arrest, Pimentel was less than an hour away from completing his bombs and starting to carry out his plan.

Pimentel faces several charges, including criminal possession of a weapon in the first degree as a crime of terrorism. He's currently being held without bond.

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