MANHATTAN - A city councilman is introducing legislation that would equip all high-rise residential buildings with a emergency communication system.

The move comes after a fire killed a man at a Manhattan high-rise last week. Councilman Corey Johnson, who represents Manhattan, says the systems would let residents know what to do in the event of a fire. Johnson hopes the system can be installed in all high-rise buildings within the next five years.

Daniel McClung, 27, and his husband Michael Todd Cohen were 18 stories above the source of the fire, but the two ran down their building's stairwell and were overcome by smoke. McClung was killed and Cohen was critically injured.

Fire officials say that if there's a fire in a high-rise building, people should stay where they are as long as the fire isn't in their apartment. Johnson says proper instructions weren't given to people in the building when the fire broke out.

People in high-rise buildings are advised to ask their building management if the building is fireproof.