THE BRONX - A new initiative started by Councilman Andy King is urging residents in the 12th District to keep their neighborhood streets clean.

Students from three different schools and community leaders are cleaning and sweeping the streets as part of Operation Cleaner Streets.

With over 30 shovels and brooms, students and neighbors canvassed seven blocks including Magenta Avenue, Capuchin Way, Gun Hill Road and Holland Avenue. Volunteers tackled business corridors, sidewalks and surrounding schools.

In total, over 20 bags of trash were collected during the day's operation. All of the garbage was loaded into one of the more than 50 trash bins Councilman King was able to secure for the cleanup.

Councilman King says that Operation Cleaner Streets will take place every 12th day of the month. He says it will end when every single street in the 12th District is absolutely clean.

Operation Cleaner Streets will hit the pavement once again on June 12.