THE BRONX - A New York City councilman says thousands of animals are suffering because the city is not doing what is mandated by law.

City Councilman Eric Gioia says the money is in the city's budget for a full-service animal shelter in the Bronx, but no site has been purchased yet. The borough does have a pet receiving center, but it is only open three days per week. It also doesn't provide adoption services or medical treatment for the animals.

Each borough is required by a 2000 law to have a full-service animal shelter. Due to the borough's lack of a full shelter, animals are being taken to overcrowded ones in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Gioia says the influx of animals from other boroughs is forcing unnecessary euthanasia and believes the full-service shelter would rescue the lives of tons of potential pets.

The city councilman is also pushing for a similar shelter in Queens as well.

AP wires contributed to this article.