THE BRONX - A Bronx councilman says he has secured $300,000 and is pushing for the city to fix broken and cracked sidewalks outside the Murphy Consolidation Houses, home to many New York senior citizens. 

Councilmember Richie Torres says he was able to secure funding from the city in order to fix the broken sidewalks outside of the Murphy Houses.

He says the city allocates $118 million through the capital budget for the repair of sidewalks, and only $1 million of that funding goes toward New York City Housing Authority facilities.

Although, he says there are senior citizens living in NYCHA buildings where sidewalks are broken outside, they are likely never going to see them get repaired. But Torres is hoping to change that. He says seniors are at a greater risk for tripping and falling, especially around sidewalks that are damaged. He says he will propose a bill to have the sidewalks repaired.