THE BRONX - Councilman James Vacca says he is proposing a plan for a traffic study along a troubled 13-block stretch of Harding Avenue in the Bronx.

Residents and the councilman are pushing for greater speed controls. 

Vacca says he re-submitted the proposal to the Department of Transportation, but states he has been asking for changes along the road since 2012 with no luck. 

The 13-block stretch is notorious for speeding motorists, and has become the scene of many car accidents. 

Residents say the recent car accidents have amplified the situation, raising concerns for lack of traffic lights and speeding control in the area. 

However, the DOT argues that because of the lack of volume along the road, speed changes are not warranted. 

Vacca is proposing a traffic light at the intersection of Balcom and Harding avenues, noting that it is located right in the middle of the stretch of road.