THE BRONX - Local council members and neighbors are bracing for traffic jams at the site of a new 911 center in the Bronx. 

The new development at the intersection of Eastchester Road and Pelham Parkway South in Morris Park is causing major traffic jams, according to some in the area.

"I don't come here on the weekends at all," one motorist told News 12.

The new 911 call center is opening in an area already surrounded by new businesses, and Joe McManus with Community Board 11 says the center will create more traffic in an area that's already too crowded.

"It's going to cause anxiety in the neighborhood. Right now, people are parking across the parkway to avoid that area. When the call center comes, it will be like 600 people every eight hours coming and going," he says.

McManus says the community wants more entry and exit ways installed off the Hutchinson Parkway. 

Elected officials have echoed the concerns of the residents. 

"The Department of Transportation must make proper arrangements to deal with the potential traffic issues," says Councilman James Vacca.

Meanwhile, Sen. Jeffrey Klein tells News 12 that he has secured funding to help develop a plan for the area. 

McManus say he hopes the Department of Transportation will listen to their concerns.