PELHAM BAY - Pelham Bay residents say neighborhood construction has given crammed neighbors more than they bargained for.

Resident Patty Justiniano says she has to deal with a new four-story, 14-apartment building that went up right next to her residence on Bruckner Boulevard. The distance between the two buildings measures just 12 inches, which is legal since Justiniano’s house is right up against the property line.

"For me, it's done,” says Justiniano. “But I want to try and make sure that it doesn't continue to happen for other people."

Councilman James Vacca says he’s trying to put a stop to the potential crowding in areas like Pelham Bay. He’s thinking of proposing legislation that may widen the amount of space between buildings.

“Well I've suggested 5 to 6 feet,” said Vacca. “I think people are entitled to window space and to air and sunlight!"

Vacca has already put a stop to construction on a new building consisting of 20 apartments and doctor’s offices due to a lack of parking spots.