MANHATTAN - It?s been almost a month and a half since a crane collapse in Manhattan killed a Bronx man, and the victim?s family is still looking for answers.

Ramadan Kurtaj?s family appeared in a lower Manhattan courthouse on Tuesday. Family members are seeking answers ? they want to know exactly what happened the day Kurtaj was killed.

A lawyer for the family says they want New York Crane to turn over all paperwork related to the crane from the last five years leading up to the accident. They want to know, if possible, anyone who came in contact with the crane before the accident.

The family also wants the crane to stay impounded so it can be thoroughly inspected before the trial begins.

New York Crane calls the lawsuit a ?fishing expedition? in court papers, and wants the case to be kept private with no media attention. The family?s lawyer disagrees, saying the case does not need confidentiality because the subject matter is ?of great public interest.?

Some of Kurtaj?s family members in Kosovo are reportedly in the process of getting their visas. They?ve never been to America, but hope that visiting the place where Kurtaj died will give them closure.

There is no set date for when the trial will begin, but the family?s lawyer says it could be years before the case is resolved.

Family of crane accident victim will go to court