THE BRONX - A drainage problem that has been plaguing patrons at the Macombs Dam Park has been resolved.

A parks crew worked to repair the clogged drain after News 12 did a story on the issue this past Wednesday when residents were complaining about water overflowing in the park.

People who visit the park on East 161st Street told News 12 that pools of dirty water often collected in a stairwell at the park's entrance, making it difficult to access the park. Recently, a pool of water sat in the area for more than a month because there was no drainage in the stairwell.

Many people expressed concerns about health risks and potential problems for people with disabilities who cannot easily get over the large puddle.

Workers say the draining issue was caused by runoff from the nearby flower gardens that backed up the drain.

News 12 The Bronx reached out to the Parks Department about how long the fix will last, but has yet to hear back.