THE BRONX - Police have opened a criminal investigation into the bus accident on Interstate 95 at the Bronx-Westchester border yesterday that left 14 people dead and many others injured.

Investigators say the bus tipped over while heading south on the interstate from a casino in Connecticut to Chinatown in Manhattan. The bus slid into a support pole for an overhead sign, slicing the bus in half.

The bus, operated by World Wide Travel, was being driven by Ophadell Williams, who says he was clipped by a tractor-trailer causing him to swerve and the bus to tip over.

Witnesses to the accident refute that claim and say the bus driver was driving erratically and speeding.

Police located the tractor-trailer in question and are interviewing the driver of the truck as well.

Hospital officials say that six victims remain in critical condition at Jacobi Medical Center and one person is critical and another is in serious condition at St. Barnabas Hospital.