THE BRONX - A New York City crossing guard was hit by a car Friday at an intersection that residents have complained about for years.

It happened outside Our Lady of Mount Carmel School on 188th Street and Bathgate Avenue, police say.

Jenny Arias, the guard, was struck around 8:20 a.m. just as children were getting to class. It was the second time in five months she's been hit by a car while working.

"If they're not paying attention to a crossing guard, that means they're not paying attention to children either," says Nicole Figueroa, a parent.

Parents and local leaders say the problem isn't just reckless driving, but that the city's Department of Transportation has ignored multiple requests for new safety measures.

They say they've been asking for stop signs and slow zones for the last four years.

The DOT says it is looking into installing an all-way stop sign or speed bumps in the area.