THE BRONX - Crotona Park East and Morrisania are leading New York City with the highest number of adults in jail, according to DATA2GO.NYC, a new free data and mapping tool from the nonprofit Measure of America.

The website shows New York City’s total average number of jail incarcerations to be 93 per 100,000 adults. In the two neighborhoods, the average is 371.

Abdul Malik, a man who was incarcerated for over seven years, says he is not surprised by these numbers.

Since being released from jail, he has dedicated his life to mentoring the younger generation at St. Mary’s Community Center, he says. Malik believes that outreach and building relationships will fix these statistics.

"If the city wants to spend money, then spend money on people who have experienced it, lived that life, who have changed their lives and who can kind of really help redirect these young men and women on a path that makes sense for them," Malik says.

News 12 reached out to City Councilwoman Vanessa Gibson’s office for comment. Gibson says she is extremely dismayed by these findings, and will continue to support alternative incarceration programs and encourage students to succeed.