CROTONA PARK - A Crotona Park family says their home on 172nd Street is overrun with rats.

Resident Alisha Hamilton says her family has been dealing with the rodent problem for the last nine months.

She says her family can hear the rats moving in their walls and inside their radiators. The rats reportedly even burrowed into brand-new furniture.

The family says their landlords at Bronx Shepherds Restoration Corp. have ignored their pleas for help.

In May, the city's Department of Housing and Preservation declared the apartment rat-infested and advised an emergency move.

Bronx Shepherds Restoration says that it has documented numerous attempts to address the issues, but representatives were denied access to the apartment.

The company also says that some work has been done inside the apartment to address the issue, and that tenants must be responsible for the cleanliness of their own apartments.

The family has filed an application for Section 8.