THE BRONX - After being postponed due to the New York City Marathon, Bronx?s Veterans Day Parade was finally held Sunday.

Parade organizers say they were told by the NYPD to hold off on the parade because there weren?t enough officers on hand to patrol both the parade and the race.

Organizers say the parade had been held on the same date for the past 22 years, despite the marathon. They say the postponement cost them over half of the usual participants.

Though the crowd was smaller than usual, veterans say they were glad to come home to the Bronx where the spirit it still alive.

?It's a celebration. And we can use 10 people or a thousand people, and the celebration would still be to honor the veterans,? organizer and veteran Patrick Devine says.

Those behind the parade say they will push to have the parade the day before Veterans Day next year.

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