LOS ANGELES - (AP) - A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles DA's officedenies that any decisions have been made to seek charges in thedeath of Michael Jackson.

But according to a law enforcement source, prosecutors areprepared to seek an indictment of Dr. Conrad Murray on a charge ofinvoluntary manslaughter.

The source says prosecutors will pursue a theory of grossnegligence by Murray.

Police have interviewed a large number of witnesses, includingthose who were present during Jackson's last days and those whoworked with him in preparation for a planned comeback concert.

The source says authorities have also lined up medical expertwitnesses who will testify about the normal standard of care in asituation such as Jackson's.

A coroner found that a powerful anesthetic was administered toJackson without any medical need, and that some equipment thatwould be recommended to resuscitate him was missing.