THE BRONX - Residents say an overpass that houses a flock of pigeons on Bronxdale Avenue is a health hazard.

The overpass is situated on Bronxdale and Cruger avenues, underneath the train tracks where the 5 train travels.

Commuters say there are many dead birds scattered throughout the area. They say the sight is disgusting and has them considering what types of diseases and bacteria they could be exposed to.

Neighbors tell News 12 the dead pigeons have been lying in the area for weeks.

Jeremy Warneke, district manager at Community Board 11, says he reached out to the Health Department about the issue. Warneke says the Health Department does not feel the bird corpses are worth investigating.

Meanwhile, residents are left to speculate why so many birds ended up dead beneath the overpass. While some say the culprit is lead paint, others believe they were poisoned due to overfeeding.

Wild Bird Fund volunteer Roxanne Delgado surveyed the area. She says she believes someone has been poisoning the birds because it's unlikely that they would die in such large quantities at once.

The MTA says it is developing a maintenance team to assess the overpass. The Department of Environmental Conservation also says it will be visiting the site soon.