THE BRONX - Bronx building workers are still threatening a possible strike, despite a deadline extension for contract negotiations.

The new contract deadline is March 19. A walkout had been feared for midnight Friday if an agreement couldn't be reached.

"We're gonna negotiate until there's nothing to negotiate about," says Kyle Bragg, vice president of SEIU Local 32BJ.

Landlords had been busy creating contingency plans in preparation for the contract expiration.

Union representatives and the Bronx Realty Advisory Board have been in negotiations for the last month. Union members say they want higher wages on par with other borough workers and employer-paid health care.

Last week, hundreds of workers rallied at the Bronx Supreme Courthouse to get support from lawmakers.

The union represents workers in approximately 1,400 Bronx buildings. If the workers strike, some landlords hope tenants will pitch in to take out their own garbage and keep the hallways and sidewalks clean.

Building workers rally for new contractService workers rally for higher wages