THE BRONX - The death of a Bronx MTA worker in Baychester this summer has been ruled a homicide.

Norman Jackson, 59, was found on Aug. 21 with blunt force trauma to the head about a block and a half from his Baychester home.

He died five days later at Jacobi Medical Center.

Jackson's brother Everton Jackson says Norman was walking home from a neighborhood nightclub the night he was killed. He says a passerby later found Norman on the sidewalk bleeding from the head.

Jackson believes that his younger brother was bleeding on the ground for close to 45 minutes before the passerby spotted him. He says it still hurts to think that his younger sibling lay dying on the ground two blocks from his home.

"It's devastating to know that I was so close by and was not aware, I couldn't help him," says Jackson.

He says his brother had no known enemies, but admits he was concerned about his brother's late nights at clubs. He believes his brother may have been the victim of a brutal robbery.

Jackson is working with the NYPD to offer a reward the case that has now been declared a homicide.