THE BRONX - The Panel for Educational Policy is expected to cast a final vote tonight on the future of struggling public schools across the city.

The Department of Education (DOE) says the schools on the chopping block have consistently performed poorly, earning an "F" on last year's progress report. Officials will decide whether to expand, merge, phase out, shut down or shrink each of them.

Jane Addams in Melrose is among five Bronx schools that could be affected after coming under intense scrutiny recently. The high school was the focus of a credit-fixing scandal that prevented several seniors from graduating.

Parents at other schools in jeopardy have protested potential school closings. Samuel Gompers, the Gateway School for Environmental Research and Technology, Grace Dodge and Aspire Middle School will also learn their fates.

Parents are expected to turn out in large numbers in protest of the proposed phase-outs. Speakers will get two minutes each to comment on the proposals.

If the plan is approved, there will be no incoming freshmen at the schools in question, and the phase-outs will continue until June of 2015.