NEW YORK - The Delta jetliner that skidded off the runway and crashed into a fence at LaGuardia Airport has been removed. 

Video shows two large cranes removing the airplane Thursday night, hours after it came to a screeching halt just feet away from icy waters during a snowstorm. 

According to officials, the runway had been plowed just minutes before the landing and two other pilots had reported good braking conditions. 

However, the incident is raising concerns about runway closings during inclement weather. There is currently no rule about how much snow or ice would lead to a closure, but the FAA requires that all airports measure runways during winter storms to assure planes can brake safely. 

The FDNY reports that 28 out of the 125 passengers on board suffered minor injuries. Passengers say they slid for about 20 seconds before coming to a stop, and that everyone remained remarkably calm.